Dear customer, thank you for visiting my website. Although written information is available in german only for the moment, it will be my pleasure to answer your questions in english.

Should you have any inquiry and if you wish an appointment, please email or call:
info@michelphysio.ch / 079 332 81 87

My practice in Oeschgen is easily to be reached by bus 134 from Frick (5 Min) , from Stein – Säckingen (10 Min) or Eiken (5 min).
The one in Herznach also has good bus-connections: from Frick by bus 135 within 8 min and from Densbüren 3 min. From Zeihen 6 min and from Effingen 12 min by bus 139
There are also plenty of parking-places in front of the building.

Me and my three colleagues offer
- the whole spectrum of physiotherapy
- various massages, such as lymphatic drainage
- craniosacral osteopathy
- treatment of the temporomandibular joint
- pain relief according to Liebscher& Bracht L&B
- brainbalance: equilibrium of the right and left cerebral hemisphere
- steambath
- home visits